Engage Me – 21st Century Learners

„Wenn ich ihr Sohn/ihre Tochter wäre, welche Bildung würden sie sich für mich wünschen?“

Schüler über ihre Vision von Bildung. Nicht erst in der Zukunft, sondern Heute!!!

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2 Antworten zu Engage Me – 21st Century Learners

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  2. Gosia schreibt:

    Was this video created by a teacher who knows the emotional, physical and mental needs of children?

    Yes, the world is changing, but it is NOT only our skills we need to work on (these are actually the things which will need to change most quickly) but our will and ability to feel, think and do – in the ‚real‘ world. As the video already suggests, these children surpass their elders in being able to use the technology – they didn’t learn that at school. School is not the place for technological immersion. This only serves the companies that want us to buy more and more from their ever growing range of disposable goods.

    Think again.

    A child’s creativity has more than 100 ways of expressing itself – without the possibility, and by limiting it to a digital medium, they will not get to develop the other 99. Education is a place of social possibility. Of course technology should be a TOOL for learning, but the world does not stop at technology.

    None of the children in this video seemed happy, playful or active. I think this speaks for itself.

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