Knowmadic Learning Lab @ School – what it was like!

Foto: Elias Barrasch

Berlin, Wednesday evening, in a School Library Berlin Mitte – a bunch of people sitting together in a circle, dreaming about their future, sharing their love-letters-adressed-to-themselves, coloring, speaking and listening to a walnut. The Knowmadic Learning Lab was a workshop created by Franziska, Brock, Naomi and Manuel from the Knowmads. It was all about a collaborative space filled with curious people of many different disciplines, great energy, lots of papers + pencils, and of course, a lot of books from the library. The workshop was mainly directed to personal leadership and self-directed learning.
What was the most intriguing part for me ? –  concentrating on myself by being part of a group.

And, as it was all about sharing your experiences – here is what some others thought, spiced up with some visual impression 🙂

„The Knowmadic Learning Lab is a dynamic composed workshop. The focus lies on the subject ’self-directed-learning and personal leadership‘. A special thing is that participants don’t get an explanation of how tools work, but they can experience it themselves. Because of that there is a special atmosphere created, based on the the elements of fearlessness, growth, self-awareness and diversity. The goal of this process is to place you on the beginning of a renewed learning journey with yourself and others. Dealing with the following questions:
I = Who am I and why am I here?
We = How can we create a safe space together where we can grow from within?
The World= How can I bring my true self into the world?
We aim to enable participants to find the right questions within a community and believe the answers will come to them along the way as they continue on a unique learning path.“
Naomi und Manuel (Knowmads and Hosting Team)

Fotos: Elias Barrasch
„During the Hub Summer School 2010 in Amsterdam, I took part in my first Knowmadic Learning Lab and it was really interesting to observe my own learning process after 6 months. In Amsterdam, I overcame resistance to actually sit down and to write a poem of my time with a walnut which wasn’t challenging anymore this time. At the Lab in Berlin, I had to put my rational thinking aside and start speaking the appreciative truth to myself by writing a love letter to myself where I had struggled with a lot in Amsterdam.“
Frauke (Project Manager and also part of Hosting Team)

Fotos: Elias Barrasch
„It was amazing how fast they were able to create such a harmonic and trustful ambience!“
Gerald (Design Thinker and Participant)

To all you others, who participated and want to share your impressions – just leave us a comment.

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