A call for co-learning in Berlin

Since the day that the “Art of Transformation Berlin Lab” had its first workshop, Berlin has been a sunny place. Maybe it is just a coincidence, me waking up with the feeling that the energy of spring is coming, but if feels like this bursting excitement of electricity is transforming into light.

Wednesday I was sitting at the betahaus wondering what shape this potential is taking. “So, what are you doing in Berlin?” is being asked. What I am doing here? This is not an easy question to answer since I am not going to university and I don’t have a job. Yet, I am happily learning and working full time to explore what really matters to me. I am in transition. And I am not alone. Transition is a process that forces you to be in chaos, to leave your secure grounds and explore the unknown inside and outside of yourself. It forces you to face your fears, to understand when it is your moment to stand in between chairs, when to act and when to take decisions.

This state of uncertainty and consequent exploration creates great potential to innovation and change. Together with transition comes transformation. To explore this process of transformation we are people that work together in changing what truly matters to us. When a space is opened for self-organizing we take ownership and action. To move these processes forward we have made a call to the Art of Hosting community.

For that we are now investigating which needs, purposes and outcomes we want to have satisfied by the training. The question is, what is our burning question. To prepare for the training we would like to connect to the wider community of educators, policy-makers, facilitators, activists, artists, and entrepreneurs in Berlin to get a sense of what really matters.

Therefore, we would also like to ask you what is the most challenging topic you face in your daily work? What is the issue you want to solve? What would you want to learn during a training by the Art of Hosting and what would you like to achieve?

What is really important to you?

Valentina Catena


Art of Transformation is a self-organized community of practice that believes that change starts from taking action, from learning by doing and by sharing knowledge between peers.

Founding members of the group met at the Knowmadic Learning Lab in Berlin in February 2011, co-hosted by Future@School as a prototype for a Future Learning Space.

They meet every Wednesday for informal talks and to deepen relationships with questions that matters.

Every last Wednesday of the month, on rotating basis, a team hosts a participative workshop on facilitation methods. They co-host other events, workshops and talks – and are available to offer their expertise to organizations, associations and institutions who are in or want to be in transformation. To join the group, sign up to the Facebook group or send an email to artoftransformationlab@googlegroups.com

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4 Antworten zu A call for co-learning in Berlin

  1. andreaatschool schreibt:

    Cool wärs, wenn wir auf dem Blog auch mal ein paar Methoden vorstellen könnten, so wie bei Design Thinking oder Probiers mal mit Höflichkeit. Was bedeutet Art of Hosting und welche Methoden sind warum interessant? Interessiert mich auch mal 🙂

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