Social Innovation Education in Europe

Last Monday, I was at an expert brainstorming with representatives from Kennisland (Netherlands), Education Business Connection (UK), the Anglia Ruskin University (UK), and The European Civil Society Platform on Lifelong Learning at the Madou Plaza Tower of the European Commission in Brussels.

After a short introduction to the European 2020 Lifelong Learning Strategy, we were looking at understanding the concept of social innovation. Very useful for this discussion were the comments to an earlier blog article and the video by YIP graduate Silvia around the question: „What is important for education?“. Thanks also to Tonya from the Center for Social Innovation in Toronto for her input powerpoint on trends in Social Innovation! I have transformed a few of her thoughts into this mindmap (download as pdf):

And out of  my preparation material, I extracted this overview of communities of practice around social innovation education.

I came out of this meeting with the following conclusions:

– Social innovation is a community-learning process and thus parents and communities must be part of social innovation learning spaces.

– Change agents in the school system (teachers, principals, parents, students) should be supported with leadership and entrepreneurial trainings. Furthermore, they should be connected to other change agents in other organizations in all the three sectors.

– The concept of social innovation is a holistic approach and is social change work in society at large. Looking at a learning movement currently happening in the European Commission itself through the Art of Participatory Leadership (for example at the European Consumer Summit 2010), the holistic framework of Art of Hosting needs to be explored more in school systems.

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3 Antworten zu Social Innovation Education in Europe

  1. Ralf schreibt:

    Thanks Frauke – this is good news!

    Currently tweeting and blogging from the Spring Conference of the German Physics Society in Dresden – #DPG11 on Twitter via (my conference Twitter account). So much to learn from fields outside the „mainstream“. 7.000 participants and over 400 sessions the coming days.

    Social innovation is driven by the edge 🙂

    Cheers, Ralf

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