Public Learning Spaces: The Arctic






Arctic Climate Training, Svalbard, 26th June – 3rd July

The aim of the project is to raise awareness of the dramatic climate change impacts in the Arctic on an environmental, geo-political and socio-cultural level. By bringing twenty young people (aged 18-30) from across Europe who are active in climate change projects to a training event in Svalbard (Norway), this project will build their capacity to drive understanding and action on climate change across Europe. The training will focus on how climate change is affecting the Arctic, the consequences this has for the rest of the planet and what can be done to manage and adapt to these changes. The project will be hosted aboard a ship with specialists that focus on this area of research, and the training will be facilitated by the UNEP / GRID-Arendal experts.

The fragile Arctic environment is disproportionately affected by climate change which is causing unprecedented changes and having a serious impact on the region’s sea ice, wildlife and 4 million inhabitants. The melting of the ice cover is causing great stress on the Arctic marine environment and other ecosystems, as well as increasing opportunity for economic development due to the great wealth of natural resources.

As these impacts are social and cultural, as well as environmental and economic, solutions need to be social and cultural, as well as technical and scientific. By bringing young people from different countries together to find common purpose and work together, the project seeks to overcome barriers of misunderstanding and drive cooperation on an international level to the major challenges of our changing climate. Using interactive formats, participants will learn about the challenges facing the Arctic and sustainable development in this sensitive region. Together, they will share and develop ideas to respond to the complex issues and communicate their experiences creatively to inspire others.

To apply, please see this website.

Deadline for applications: 20th May 2011.

For more information, please contact

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