YIP Initiative Forum 2011: The radical future of YIP

Having arrived with the sunny start of Spring in Sweden, the YIP Days kicked-off yesterday.

Starting the morning with a Café conversation around „The radical future of YIP“ some interesting questions emerged out of different conversations for myself:

– Facing an aging society: what’s the potential of a Senior Initiative Forum?

– How is YIP connecting and collaborating with the larger field of the social change movement?

– How to step out of a structured one-year learning programme into self-organized learning networks for the rest of your life?

– How can the mainstream become more YIP?

– How are YIP participants dealing with conflict they create in society with their transformation projects and processes?

What also became visible for me were similarities in purpose, principles, and questions that I have experienced also in other social change networks such as AIESECPioneers of Change or the Art of Hosting Community with again the urge to connect these communities more to foster experience & practice exchange and collaboration.

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