YIP Initiative Forum 2011: Business Models of Learning Spaces

Today YIP Initiative Forum started and Claire and myself pitched „future@ucation“ in the morning at the Market Place.

Afterwords in OpenSpace, we hosted a conversation around designing business models for learning spaces. With part one today, we looked at excisting business models of learning initiatives that we know.

And we started writing profiles about these business models which includes information about product and services, key activities, key resources, key partners, and revenue streams. The first profile can be viewed here and more will be uploaded soon.

Tomorrow, in the next OpenSpace session, we will look at user needs of learning spaces and then the day after we will use this information to move into several brainstormings around the Business Model Canvas.

YIP 3rd Year participants hosting the OpenSpace
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Eine Antwort zu YIP Initiative Forum 2011: Business Models of Learning Spaces

  1. Ralf schreibt:

    Two more role models of future education:

    http://leanthinkers.blogspot.com/2008/11/team-action-learning-jouney-into-future.html (TEAM Academy Dresden AKA LockSchuppen)

    Cheers from Dresden,

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