YIP Initiative Forum 2011: Conversation Mapping

In March Pieter (2nd year YIP participant) sent around some information on the Art of Hosting list around the method Conversation Mapping which was part of their curriculum at YIP.

Last Sunday, I was able to experience this method facilitated by Pieter at the YIP Days.

So, how do you take the YIP curriculum to the next level with roughly 100 participants?

We used the conversation mapping process to look at 7 different topics (e.g. additional tools for harvesting the YIP experience or suggestions for future courses at YIP) to reimagine the YIP Curriculum. Afterwards we did a voting process and concluded with a condensing conversation (collecting the points most voted on) with roughly 10 people on every topic.

What I really liked about the process is that the mapping is a silent conversation and that you automatically build on each other’s ideas.

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