YIP Initiative Forum 2011: From conversations to actions

On the last day of the YIP Initiative Forum the 3rd Year Yippies hosted a Pro Action Café next to the OpenSpace sessions.

The Pro Action Café is a process developed from The World Café, OpenSpace Technology, and peer-to-peer coaching.

The Pro Action Café was developed by Art of Hosting  practitioners in Brussels – some of them working for the European Commission (check the Pro Action Café community page) and is currently hosted in Brussels by Pro Action Europe.

Graphic by Sonja Niederhumer

At the Initiative Forum, The Pro Action Café was a good process to make initiative floating around in the OpenSpace conversations during the week more concrete and to define next action steps on the last day of the conference.

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2 Antworten zu YIP Initiative Forum 2011: From conversations to actions

  1. ooh, you used Sonja Niederhumer’s graphic, supercool 🙂 i love that it travells…
    thanks so much for your rich harvesting Frauke! shared it with my team here in Bogota.

  2. fraukego schreibt:

    Thanks Benjamin of reminding me of Sonja’s name 😉 Have added her name in the article now, as well!

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