YIP Initiative Forum 2011: The future of learning and adult education

I am already back in Berlin but I am still harvesting from YIP Initiative Forum 2011.

Last Thursday, my day’s learning cristallized around the future of learning and adult education. The morning at the Forum started with a speech by Valentin Vollmer.

Valentin is the co-founder of Café Connect (an information center around project innitiation for youth in Basel) at Unternehmen Mitte in Basel.

In his speech, Valentin raised the question of how can we use the knowledge in a system to learn from each other to get a degree from the future University of People. He introduced the beta version of Knowded at the Forum and talked about the recently held Learning Lab in Basel.

At the end of May, we aim to welcome Valentin in Berlin to host another Learning Lab in Berlin!

Afterwards, we had a presentation by The Art of I Sculpture a peer-led learning group that introduced us to some of their questions in their self-led study group:

– What is learning?

– How can you be true to yourself?

– Is something calling you?

– What gives me energy? Where do I want to use my energy? Where is my energy needed?

– To whom do I feel connected? Who are my teachers?

– It is not only about what I want to learn, the way I want to learn is as much important!

In the afternoon, I attended an OpenSpace session with Jordan Walker who is currently researching at the Goetheanum on adult education. One of his research questions is „How are people life-long learning?“.

In the past months, Jordan has been hosting an Open Studio Session each week in Dornach (pictures from an Open Studio Session on the streets of Basel). The idea is to visit the different spaces where art is created, where questions are researched and where anthroposophical lives are lived in and around the Goetheanum.

And Jordan has recently been on the Rudolf Steiner Express: find his reflections here.

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