Planning a Teacher Leadership Workshop

10 days ago, I was in Brussels again to brainstorm with the Generation Europe Foundation how we can collaborate.

One of our key conversation was around designing a pilot workshop together around Teacher Leadership (a conference idea Future@School had come up with in 2010) and Green Entrepreneurship (a topic the Generation Europe Foundation is working on).

After the meeting in Brussels, my task was to look into teacher needs for such a workshop. After scheduling some interviews with teachers I know in Berlin, I have a attended a discussion with Prof. Dr. Christian Spannagel (working in teacher training at the University of Education in Heidelberg) at the Green Party Education Summit in Berlin last Saturday on „Teacher Education“.

In preparation for his talk Prof. Spannagel posted an article on his blog „Statements for Teacher Education“ and out of 66 comments (his students, teachers, teacher educators, etc.), he presented these as important needs on Saturday that are currently mostly missing in teacher education:
meta competencies in: lifelong learning, IT competencies, self-reflection, a researching attitude
a basis for teacher selection: passion, fire, fun, curiosity, and a strong personality (based on values, authenticity, openess and a love for life/human beings/their subject)

During our discussion on Saturday, some more needs were discovered:
– a need for skills to lead a balanced/healthy life as a teacher
– how to design schools as learning organizations?
– an attitude as a teacher group that is empowering and inspiring for a school system and that enables a school to work with the resources that are already in their system
– how to create a culture of appreciation, responsibility ‚beyond my class room‘ and recognition (being seen) in the school system?

In another discussion forum during that Summit, it was stated that supervision tools for teachers are not common and that teachers are not being empowered to lead the change processes (towards a new school system in Germany, towards sustainability or just simply implementing new teaching methods in their schools) in schools they are working in.

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Eine Antwort zu Planning a Teacher Leadership Workshop

  1. silkeweiss schreibt:

    Was braucht es, Lehrer mit diesen Eigenschaften auszubilden? Darüber mache ich mir schon lange Gedanken! Eine Möglichkeit ist, über Workshop (da sind wir schon aktiv geworden: und ich denke, es braucht noch mehr. Ich hätte Lust mich mal mit euch zu treffen
    Liebe Grüße

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