Reconnecting to a peer in Bombay

In December 2009, I spent one month at Hub Bombay to work on the project plan for Future@School in the startsocial competition.

Hosting at The Hub at that time was Raheen who was thinking about starting her own children’s project. We had some informal talks about both of our project ideas: shared some experiences, questions, and how to get started.

In December 2010, I received a facebook message from Raheen asking for feedback to her concept of the organization that she had started last year: OYA – Open Your Arms is a non-profit organisation that works for mental fitness in Bombay (see facebook page and blog):

Our mission is to work towards building happy, positive and psychologically empowered minds.
Our vision is to psychologically empower every individual with learning skills & coping capabilities in order to lead a mentally healthy life.

This morning, Raheen contacted me on the facebook chat and looking at her great work, I wrote this blog post to inspire others to start their social change projects wherever they are and to connect translocally to other changemakers to learn from and to support each other.

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