Everybody is a teacher – Learning Lab #1 in Berlin

This is a little report of our first Learning Lab in Berlin hosted by Valentin Vollmer from Café Connect in Basel last week.

This harvest is to connect to our friends at the Berlin Art of Transformation Lab, KaosPilot Lauren who did her final project in this area, and the education practitioners in the Art of Hosting Community.

We met with approx. 20 people in the Salon of the HomeBase LAB in Berlin Pankow – the youngest being Tim (5 years old) and Katharina joining us via Skype from Namibia.

Katharina who used to live in Pankow wanted to have feedback on a workshop (The School of your Dreams) she will be giving at the KarmaKonsum Conference in Frankfurt next week.

More sessions proposed by the participants:


  • How to start my own blog?
  • Who can share couchsurfing experiences?
  • A drawing class that led into a mini-exhibition

The second session I took part in on that evening was „Vegan Cooking“ by Patty. I approached him through the Berlin Sustainability Network on facebook. In two groups we were preparing vegan scrambled eggs and vegan pancakes.

I am used to vegetarian cooking but vegan cooking is a new field for me. Furthermore, I just love to eat eggs but I have to say that the vegan eggs (fried crumbled tofu and smoked tofu with kurkuma for the yellow colour) was very yummy and I already developed this knowledge further in preparing a vegan Bolognese pasta sauce a few days later.

If you want to experiment with vegan cooking in your kitchen, you can find German vegan recipes at Rezeptefuchs.

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