Checking-in: A Learning Journey to West Lexham

I started this learning journey on Thursday at 04:00 am in Berlin to join an Art of Hosting Community gathering in West Lexham in order to deepen my hosting practice and to learn from systemic transformation work that the WWF UK has been hosting with the projects Finance Innovation Lab and Tasting The Future.

The first peer I am meeting on this journey was Naomi from the Knowmads. We took the bus together from Victoria Station in London to Swaffham.

I have known Naomi on quite a personal level for almost a year now (we met at the Hub Summer School 2010 in Amsterm and co-hosted a Knowmadic Learning Lab in Berlin in February 2011) but we never had a one-to-one conversation for longer than 5min.

During the bus ride, I was sharing my personal Art of Hosting journey since 2006 with her and we explored the question „What is calling me to come to this gathering?“. I have been too busy the past 2 days (with booking transportation, transfering and receiving money) to think of my calling question but we spent 2,5h in a deep conversation sharing stories and collectively preparing our arrival into the Art of Collaborative Leadership Training.

Once we arrived, we were shown around by Edmund a Steward and Host at West Lexham. And Barry who will be hosting the kitchen with his wife and daughter for us during the next 3 days pointed out to us that the former pig stables have partly transformed only within 2 weeks from a crafts workshop space into an indoor camping site:








Transforming the piggery craft workshop space…








…into indoor camping tents!

Just before dinner in front of the outdoor kitchen, I started talking to Ben about his initiative of Positive Money and the starting point of our learning journeys in creating systemic change in the finance and education system and how some people looked at us in the beginning with a longing sparkle in their eyes ready to create the vision and others looking at us as if you are completely crazy and recommending us to rather start getting a ‚real‘ job 😉

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Eine Antwort zu Checking-in: A Learning Journey to West Lexham

  1. Marcia Conaghan schreibt:

    Frauke, thanks for allowing this to happen that I can share with you on your path. This is a way to learn about AOH that works beautifully for me. I have stored over 100 emails to help me learn, but what you wrote about this bus ride and welcoming helps me to appreciate and be there in a way that after reports and videos do not. I am happy that you had an opportunity to closely connect with Naomi.

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