Day 01: Learning to keep swimming

In the check-in circle of the first day of being together at West Lexham, this poem in one of Margaret Wheatley’s books led us into the check-in question „What’s moving in me that called me here?“

Initially hearing the question, I just knew that there is a lot moving in me but I have no clue on how to name it or how to even formulate the question. As the talking piece was traveling nearer to me in the circle it was suddenly emerging what has called me to this meeting: „The longing to keep swimming in the river and the fear of getting stuck in the river banks.“. And the question, if there is a new role emerging for me in the new system of moving from „Initiator & Facilitator of Change Networks“ that I took on after I had walked out of the old system at Greenpeace International in 2006 to a „Community-supported Edgewalker“ (emerging from a brief conversation that I have had with Vanessa on Thursday night).

After the check-in, we moved into a video teaching session with Deborah Frieze from the Berkana Institute:

One of the key insights that were spoken in the circle around „Two Loops System Change“ was that the Sustainability Movement has failed by creating an urgency leading to panic without looking collectively at what is needed and by creating a system that the current culture cannot hold.

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3 Antworten zu Day 01: Learning to keep swimming

  1. Cari Caldwell schreibt:

    Thank you for your harvesting here Frauke!! so wonderful to feel a part of this even far away!

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