Day 03: What’s the process of systemic transformation?

We started Day 03 with a teaching around process architecture and design. A question that I came with to this meeting was How to start a social innovation process in the education sector?.

Well, it all starts with sensing into the field, connecting to innovators in the sector and to get a shared understanding of the system with a core group of people (see article on Core Teams). What are needs in the system and how to connect the innovators that are already active in the field?

The Route Map of Tasting the Future gives a good overview of taking innovation in the food sector to the next level (see pages 10-11 in this broschure).

Sarah then helped me in a brief wrap-up one-to-one conversation to formulate my question for the OpenSpace session which then followed: What is the education paradigm for the new emerging system?

With Nicola and Sarah, I was having a little inquiry and more questions evolved:

  • How do we create the next level of learning at the learning center in Axladitsa?
  • How to invite education innovators out of frustration into a learning space?
  • There are different questions for different stakeholders in different places in the Two Loops Model (see article Learning to keep swimming): what are their different burning questions?

…and another personal role emerged: Learner for Life

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