Checking-out: Learning from the Poppy Flowers

Leaving West Lexham on Tuesday morning, I got into a conversation with the cab driver (who used to be a caretaker in the local council who walked out of that system since the system did not like him standing on his little soap box asking questions) about my work.

How do I explain him what I do?! Well, I start with training, facilitation, youth workshops, and events where people are invited into engaging with the topics rather than having expert speakers at the front.

He seemed to have understood that 😉 Furthermore, I explained that I am based in Berlin but that I work across Europe, meeting up with my colleagues in different places – this is what just happened last week-end at West Lexham, as well.

Next, the cab driver pointed out the blooming poppy flowers all over the fields and remarked how they resist the change that mankind is creating and how they create their own system.

A little while later, the next question to me was „Where are you going next?“. My answer: „I would be going to the Western part of Germany on Thursday to moderate a team meeting of people starting their own school for their kids.“

He immediately shooted the question at me, if I believed that the education system is going back to the early times when children were not educated in schools but in families and villages. With an inner smile I responded that something like that is already on the way with the Unschooling and Democratic Schools movements.

And having the Two Loops of System Change (see the video in this article) in front of my inner eyes, I explain to him how the old system is dying supported by innovators in the system to create a new school system inside and hospices to work with the grief and pain created by this death. Outside of the system, there are people who connect them to the new system others are co-creating outside of the system. Just imagine taking the self-organization of the poppy flowers as a model to create the new system…

From the cab driver there was a big relief that there is hope for coming generations of school children to learn in a new system and I added having Margaret Wheatley’s article The Place Beyond Fear and Hope in mind that „we are creating a new system but we probably won’t see the fruits of our work in our life-times!“

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2 Antworten zu Checking-out: Learning from the Poppy Flowers

  1. gertrud graf schreibt:

    hello frauke,
    thanks for this good conversation and picture.
    from me a view in the present….. i daily can see, feel, smell the fruits of changing the schulsystem,
    all things are there, now!
    hugs from gertrud

  2. Ria Baeck schreibt:

    Great blog post Frauke! He had also walked out… not knowing maybe where or how to ‚walk on’… that might be another of our tasks to spread more of what is possible.

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