Greece June 16: not a strike. not just another protest…

Filiz an Art of Hosting mate from Turkey reporting on her blog:

A peaceful Syntagma Square, Athens, Greece in June 2011…

I was outraged by the lack of response in western media about what’s going on Greece. so I took responsibility to spread the word about what’s unfolding in Greece. I wrote this (and shared it on Facebook and medicineWords):

I hear that what is happening in Greece is not mentioned in mainstream media in North America. I hear that European countries just speak of a strike in Greece.

Then it is our responsibility to share the word that Greek people are calling for real democracy and they are demanding a system change in the way we govern our lives.

This is not just another strike or protest. This is “the way of People reclaiming their Power and Responsibility” entering this old continent called Europe, like it’s also entering through Spain: two edges of Europe that EU has been banishing, punishing and bad mouthing.

So, let everyone hear! the economic and political systems are shifting, nation states are shaking, times of power over and control is SO OVER…and yet it’s not going to all happen overnight, we will not find the way forward tomorrow. Let us be patient. Let us not push or rush this moment for it is the time of birthing the new. the new needs to come in its own time, we cannot do a c-section and quicken the process or we might kill the baby.

Let us breathe deeply and know that we are on the path of evolution and there is no going back but only going forward. what needs to die is dying and what wants to be born is on its way.

…practicing direct democracy! Voting for proposals with hundreds of people…
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