Streetwise Learning with Hub Tel Aviv

This is a story shared by Danny Gal, on Aug.21, 2011; on the Hub emaillist – a great story of streetwise hosting!

Dear Hub Network,
I would like to update you about things that happen in Tel Aviv and Israel and the part the Hub is taking in it.

As you may know the people in Israel (the main stream and the middle class) has joined the world movement that is protesting towards more social justice. The symbol of the protest has become the tent in the street and very large demonstrations every Saturday. The government is shocked and really don’t know what to do with this outburst of energy.

In the last few weeks the Hub is taking an active role. We have created a pop-up hub in the main boulevard in between the tents. It included 4 round tables and many milk boxes as chairs. We invited the citizens to take part in an ongoing world-cafe session every night around the questions: „who are you and what is moving you in the current protest?“ and „what is social justice for you? – what would you like to achieve in this protest for the society?“

People were really engaged and struck by the ability to speak to each other even if they didn’t know each other before-hand. It was a great success and an important message that being connected and listening are one of the most important achievement that we strive for as a society.

At a certain evening we have devoted the discussion to the process: „how should we design the process of the protest from now on to move from a protest to a sustainable change?“ When we did the harvesting one idea was to create a main event in the main square of Tel Aviv of 1000 tables fo discussion. This was a very strong Presence moment for me (for those who are familiar with the U theory). I could immediately see the potential of such an event – so I decided that the Hub will take the lead here.

We are now designing the biggest World Cafe event ever seen in Israel and in the world? Well, not exactly World Cafe, but 1000 tables with 8-10 people around each table. everyone will be invited to listen and speak about „what is social justice for me?“.

In each table there will be a professional host (we are now recruiting volunteers) and each table will have a lap-top that will transmit the highlights from the conversation to a central computer with an editors committee. the editors will prepare in real time a document that reflects the wisdom and will of all the 10,000 participants.

This will be a very large democratic celebration. It will be the opening of the second phase of the protest movement. It will show the government that the people have a voice and a very concrete one.

I am proud to tell you that the Hub is gaining a lot of credibility in this move and I hope it will add to our global and local vision of supporting and backing the social innovation that we all need in the world.

Wish us luck because the big event is in question now because of the war winds. People here really want to become normal and create a just and progressive society.

Danny Gal
Co-Founder, Hub Tel-Aviv

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