Vision Empowerment in Education

An interesting training from friends in our Berlin network:

Facilitating vision creation and vision empowerment

free for EU citizens working in adult education
2. – 8.4.2012 near Berlin
Application deadline: 16.9.2011

What is the methodology lab for?

After one week you will be the proud owner of a basic Visionautic toolkit enabling you to use vision creation and visionary leadership as a powerful approach to bring a good spirit into your school or your seminar:

-Preparing a creative setting and an activating surrounding
-Creating an atmosphere of fun and experimental learning
-Working with Visionautic material to visualize and sensualize ideas: maps, logbooks, models, inspirations, props, etc.
-Icebreaking and trustbuilding exercises
-Methods to gain coherency in your values, vision, strategy, objectives, planned steps and actions
-Techniques to let go of old patterns and welcome new ideas, e.g. creativity techniques, meditation, drama exercises, artistic approaches, conscious mindset building.
-Techniques to focus and evaluate ideas
-Innovative forms of presentation and giving feedback

How much do I have to pay?

Nothing. As long as you get a EU-Grundtvig grant. The grant covers your travel expenses (up to 400€) accommodation, meals and the course-fee (1883€).

Who can apply?

Everybody living in the EU (except Germany) who is working in the wide field of adult education.

For more information please visit

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