Academy for Visionautics: Speed Workshop Business Model Generator

In February, I have been invited by the Academy for Visionautics to the Market of Realization at their Winter Academy. We have met each other as members of the former Hub Berlin.

I had been asked to spend the day with the participants in small expert groups – me working on the topic of Business Model Generation.

In the morning, the Visionautics team had created market stalls for us visiting experts and we each hosted a stall for the participants to ask their questions in order to start implementing their visions.

Questions that I collected at my stall:

  • How does a business model for a platform organization look like? I am currently writing some cases studies around the question: How do social change networks organize and finance themselves? And also The Hub has developed an interesting global business model (called the volcano model) based on the constellation model.
  • What’s the business model for a network of freelancers? I referred to the case of boscop, the Open Space cooperative in Berlin – a business as a network of practitioners working with Open Space.
  • We also talked about the Chaordic Stepping Stones from the Art of Hosting and how to use them for building a business model.
  • And somebody asked about the business model for a traveling global nomad – and I had to think about my friend Mary Alice from the Art of Hosting network who is working as a global nomadic storyteller.

In the afternoon, we took the most burning question What are new business models for education? into a speed workshop of one hour and practiced some of the tools from the Business Model Generator. By taking a case (an Intergenerational Social Innovators Summer Week) from the participant we explored the toolbox with:

  • The Empathy Map
  • The Business Model Canvas
  • Storytelling – telling the story of a potential participant at the summer week
  • Pitching – pitching the story in 2min to the group/investors/potential participants

The next Academy for social innovators, entrepreneurs, and trainers & coaches will be in April (click here for information and registration) and I can highly recommend to take part since:

“The only holistic project development workshop I’ve ever joined. Different!”
Elena Leurini, Italy, Vision Creation and Implementation Lab, Winter  2011

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2 Antworten zu Academy for Visionautics: Speed Workshop Business Model Generator

  1. Ralf Lippold schreibt:

    Frauke this sounds awesome. Good to see, and learn that in Germany this work is hitting ground for socially driven businesses. Gathering11 in Melbourne last June has been a breathtaking experience for me,

    Best and hope to see you some time in Dresden

    • Tom schreibt:

      Frauke, thanks for sharing. I’ll kick off a seminar @ Uni Frankfurt in April and plan to touch upon the subject of ‚Business Model Generation‘ as well.

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